Welcome to Little's Crossing. Our horse farm and equestrian show grounds are focused on providing quality horse boarding and training facilities serving Tallahassee and the surrounding area including Havana, Quincy, Bainbridge and Marianna.  A stones throw from the Georgia line, this farm was the home of Sonny and Martha Little, well known and loved regional equestrians
and horse trainers.  They cared and trained several top competitors in all forms and equestrian disciplines and built this horse farm to serve their clients.

Sonny and Martha moved from the farm to reside in Texas and be closer to their family and grandkids. 

Our family had the unique opportunity to purchase the horse farm and continue its long standing focus on quality equine care and boarding, impeccably maintained riding facilities and promotion of equestrian sport.

With that mission we teamed with Sarah MacKusick and Iron Star Equestrian to operate the facility and provide professional horse care and rider training.

We are very excited for the opportunity to be involved in the community and look forward to serving those seeking premium riding facilities in a professional environment.  Come visit, and we'll show you around...

                                                                                                              The Cefola Family

5 Little Farm Road, Havana FL 32333   -   Phone: 770-598-6745

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